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Product Name
Herbal Hair Tonic
(Hair Falling  for  male )
one month treatment       (100ml)
35 $
Herbal Hair Tonic
( Hair Falling treatment for female)
one month treatment         (200ml)
45 $
Herbal Hair Tonic
(Hair falling and regrow hair for male and female         
(Recommended )
For positive Result within 2 months or money back
55 $
Herbal Hair Tonic   
( Recommended)      
(400 ml) 
65 $
Herbal Hair Tonic   (Recommended )       
(500 ml)
Herbal Hair Tonic Recommended)        
(1000 ml )
120 $
Special Package          
(1500 ml)
Family Pack
100% money Back Offer
150 $

 All Packages Have 100 % Money Back Offer No Need Empty Packing

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I started losing hair at the age 17, tried all kinds of shampoos, Rogaine, etc but all went in vain. I used to have very embarrassing social life. My friends used to laugh at me like hell. I literally stopped getting out of home and my social circle vanished within no time. I had my first procedure with this hair tonic when my friend Theresa told me to use this herbal tonic and I am now shocked how great a product it is. I have regained my hair and not just hair in fact a very healthy and shiny long hair. I am very thankful to the makers of this product who cam up with a wonderful biological medication that made my life. Peter John USA


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