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  • Confused about the terms related to hair loss treatment that your  doctor use or you read online?
  •   If yes, then no problem we have made an index for you…

There are a number of terms that are used in the hair loss treatment. The index of few is given below. Take a look and familiarize yourself with these genuine terms.  

5-Alpha Reductase
The medical term for the enzyme in the body this converts testosterone to DHT.
5-Alpha Reeducates Inhibitors
5-alpha reeducates inhibitors prevent the body from converting testosterone to DHT by blocking the action of the enzyme 5-alpha reeducates.
The medical term describing any hair loss.
Alopecia Areata
An autoimmune form of hair loss not related to male pattern loss. Sometimes people confuse this for male pattern loss, but alopecia areata occurs in patches anywhere on the head and sometimes results in total loss of hair on the head and body.
Anagen Phase
This is the phase in which hair is growing.
The medical term for male hormones.
Androgenetic Alopecia
The medical term for male pattern loss. It is also experienced by some women, mostly after menopause.
The medical term for a substance that counteracts male hormones (androgens). Sometimes they only work against specific androgens, sometimes against multiple androgens. There are two main types of antiandrogens, androgen blockers and androgen inhibitors. Blockers prevent male hormones from binding to receptors by using those receptors themselves. In this way the male hormone still exists, but is unable to do what it was going to do. Inhibitors prevent one hormone (such as Tester one) from being converted to another male hormone, such as DHT. Since these other male hormones do a lot of the real work (damage), preventing them from being produced often prevents them from doing damage.
The process of converting one enzyme to another, such as Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone.
Catagen Phase
The transition phase in hair growth where a hair is not growing but has not fallen out.
Di-Hydro-Testosterone (DHT)
The male hormone (androgen) believed to be most responsible for male pattern baldness. DHT is produced when the enzyme 5-alpha reductase converts testosterone into DHT. The current theory is that at the onset of puberty, DHT in the hair follicles causes some kind of damage. The actual method by which the DHT causes the damage to the follicle is still unknown.
Male Pattern Baldness
The common term for androgenetic alopecia (male hair loss) in men.
The only FDA approved drug in the US for treatment of hair loss. It is not the only substance proven to grow hair, but the only one allowed to be sold and advertised for hair loss in the US.
Nitric Oxide
One of the natural substances in the body which is believed to play a role in signaling hair to grow. Low levels of NO are associated with slow growth or loss, while increased levels are associated with growth. NO levels are inhibited by Super oxide Radicals. Chemically it is similar to Minoxidil.
Sebaceous Glands
A substance which destroys super oxide radical and may stimulates hair growth.
Superoxide Dismutase
A substance which destroys super oxide radical and may stimulates hair growth.
Super oxide Radical
This natural substance signals hair to enter its resting phase and decreases NO levels.
Telogen Phase
The resting phase in hair growth.
Termina Hair
This is the term for normal, pigmented hair.
The primary male hormone (androgen). DHT is converted directly from testosterone. Contary to "popular" belief, Testosterone does not cause MPB. Testosterone is often referred to as "T" in medical studies.
Vellus Hair
Vellus hairs are small fine hairs without pigmentation. These occur naturally on much of the body and are what most hairs affected by male pattern loss change into as the follicle grows smaller.



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I started losing hair at the age 17, tried all kinds of shampoos, Rogaine, etc but all went in vain. I used to have very embarrassing social life. My friends used to laugh at me like hell. I literally stopped getting out of home and my social circle vanished within no time. I had my first procedure with this hair tonic when my friend Theresa told me to use this herbal tonic and I am now shocked how great a product it is. I have regained my hair and not just hair in fact a very healthy and shiny long hair. I am very thankful to the makers of this product who cam up with a wonderful biological medication that made my life. Peter John USA

At such an early age of 18 I surprisingly lost all my hair and went bald. You can imagine yourself how much of a social embarrassment it was. I was at the stage where I was avoiding pictures/videos :-) and I got completely cut-off with my friend’s circle because everybody was making fun of me. Then one of my friends came up with this wonderful hair loss treatment (hair tonic) and advised me to use it or be forever depressed. I preferred giving it a try and now I am more then glad to have my hair back and in a better state now.Lisa Martin ”UK

I am in general a very fit person with a young persona but lately my shiny head was not serving especially when I was at work. I was not quite happy appearing in videos or pictures, sorry this sounds frequent but its true, I think anyone who says otherwise is not true to himself. Then after a constant use of about a month I am now a happy person with healthy bulk of hair and I am loving it now. The credit all foes to this herbal tonic. A greatest invention so far!Ajay Sing India

I used to have really good hair till the age of 25 but then suddenly due to some illness I started loosing my hair and I became completely bald. This was the most embarrassing time of my life till the time I got hold of the herbal tonic produced by this company. I used it for like 2 to 3 months continuously and see now I have got my hair back as healthy as ever. Thanks to this amazing make! Dr. Robert Elysian USA

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